Q Switch YAG Laser

This treatment uses "SPECTRA", a new Q switch YAG laser device that can shoot lasers in just 5 nano-seconds, which works great on smears. Using two wavelengths, this laser works on smears, freckles, birthmarks (Ota's nevus/Spilus nevus), and even tattoos. With the installment of flat pulse technology, this device can apply an even amount of laser, which makes this Q switch YAG laser useful on liver spot laser toning as well. Furthermore, not only is it effective on black/red tattoo inks, it can treat sky blue, green, and yellow inks as well. With hand pieces for each wavelength available, the first case in Japan, we can treat colorful tattoos too.
Duration of Treatment A few minutes
Swelling after treatmentA small scab will pop up
For liver spot treatments, you will only experience a mild redness of the skin.
Recovery period5-7 days
No down time for liver spot treatments.
Hospital visits following treatmentPeriodic check ups for 2 weeks, and a re-examination after 1 month of treatment
CostSmear/Birthmark (1cm x 1cm) ¥21,000
Tattoo (1cm x 1cm) ¥21,000
Liver spot laser toning both sides
1 session ¥31,500
5 sessions ¥105,000
10 sessions ¥210,000

Q Switch YAG Laser Case Photos

 Treating smears around the eye
1 week after treatment. The scab falls off and the smear is gone.
The redness of skin disappears gradually.

CO2 Laser

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) laser targets water and has a laser with a wavelength of 10600nm. It is used for treating symptoms such as moles, warts, and seborrheic keratosis (warts found on the elderly). Compared to conventional treatments using a surgical knife, there is almost no bleeding, treatment duration is shorter, and there is no need for stitches, making it a safe procedure. However, in some cases where the diameter is too large or there is a chance of it being a malignant, we may not able to treat you.
This is also useful for removing blackheads, known to cause acne, and inflammatory acne symptoms as well. It is used to open/close mucus membrane as well, so it will keep bleeding to a minimum. Furthermore, it can be used as an anti-aging treatment for the skin with its ability of deep abrasion.
Duration of Treatment A few minutes
Swelling after treatmentA bit of cavities and redness can appear on treated spots
Recovery periodRoughly 1 week. Redness takes 2-3 months to disappear
Hospital visits following treatment2 weeks after treatment and re-examination after 1 month
Cost1 mole
Less than 2mm diameter: ¥10,500
2-3mm diameter: ¥21,000
More than 4mm diameter: ¥31,500
1 wart
Less than 2mm diameter: ¥5,250
2-4mm diameter: ¥15,750
More than 4mm diameter: ¥31,500

CO2 Laser Case Photos

 Before treatment
 2 months after treatment


SOLARI is a photo treatment device that uses Intense Pulse Light (IPS). With the installment of square pulse technology, the energy is evenly distributed, making the treatment more efficient and safe. Photo RF (aurora), in addition to intense pulse light (IPS), shoots RF (Radio Frequency) and treats stains/pours/red skin, and other symptoms found in the shallow parts of the skin. SOLARI is one of the newest devices in the photo treatment department. There is almost no pain and no down time. Using 6 different filters, it controls the wavelength and effectively treats stains/wrinkles/freckles/red skin/liver spots/pours/acne/hair removal, and many other problems. Furthermore, at our clinic, we have multiple Photo RF applicator auroras for different kinds of treatments. We have the normal aurora, aurora Pro which is sensitive towards pigment related symptoms, aurora AC which is used for acne treatment, refarm ST which is uses near infrared ray and RF to tighten up skin, and aurora HR for hair removal.
Duration of Treatment 20-30 minutes
Swelling after treatmentA bit of redness can appear on treated spots
Recovery periodNone. Makeup possible right after treatment
Hospital visits following treatment1 time every 2-3 weeks, for a total of 3-5 times
CostPlease refer to the price chart for further details

SOLARI・Photo RF (Aurora・Aurora PRO) Treatment Details

SOLARI is said to be the next generation device of photo treatment. Conventional devices had uneven pulse light outputs and in some cases the operator had to increase the output level, which sometimes led to unexpected side effects. SOLARI uses square pulse technology to stabilize pulse light output. With an even energy distribution, the best results are guaranteed all the time.
It can also output multiple wavelengths and combine them for variations. With just a few adjustments, it can treat blood-vascular related symptoms like red skin, acne, and even hair removal.
Treatment and cleaning are done simultaneously, so there is less pain and time required is much shorter. You can even apply makeup right after treatment.

◎Photo RF (Aurora PRO)
Photo RF (aurora) is a combination of IPL photo treatment and high frequency RF (radio frequency).
IPL improves symptoms such as smears and red skin and promotes beautiful white skin. RF treats wrinkles and tightens up pours for supple skin. When these two elements are combined, it causes a synergy effect, which allows it to reach the dermic layer more efficiently when compared to conventional methods.
Photo RF treatment begins with a face wash to remove makeup and excess sebum, followed by anesthetic cream on certain parts of the face. After that, the treatment begins, which lasts about 40~50 minutes.
SOLARI treatment image

Photo RF (aurora)