Newest Acne Treatment Designed to Treat the Symptoms

What's this red stuff on my skin... We've all been there during our adolescence years, it's "acne". Many say it's a sign of adolescence, but when there's just too much or you still see it pop up when you're an adult, it becomes a serious concern. There are many types of acne, and if you do not apply the proper treatment, it may even get worse. At our clinic, we offer appropriate treatments for each symptom. Here are some examples of our acne treatment.

The Different Types of Acne

White acne and black acne

White acne is the beginning stage. Stratum corneum gathers in your pours and sebum, which causes a button-like rash. (Image: Left)
Black acne indicates that the wastes caught in the pours have been oxidized and turned black. (Image: Right)
Inflammatory acne and yellow acne

These are inflammatory acne. When acne bacteria feeds off of sebum and stratum corneum, it grows, which then leads to red acne, causing red rashes. (Image: Left)
Yellow acne is red acne with more bacteria growth. There is now purulent matter inside. (Image: Right)
Both of these can be painful.

Acne Treatment

* Treatment by ointment (external)

This method is used to treat red and white acne, both first stage acne symptoms.
At our clinic, we offer ointments with antibiotics, treatinoin acid, retinoid, and other substances. Depending on your skin condition, we will prescribe the most appropriate one.

* Comedo suction treatment
This method is used to treat white and black acne. Using a special suction machine, we extract sebum and stratum corneum caught in your pours, one by one.

* Peeling
Peeling treatment removes damaged stratum corneum on the top of your skin and revitalizes it. There are various methods.
This treatment is effective for improving damaged skin from acne and creating skin that makes it hard for acne to grow in. At our clinic, we offer chemical peeling and salt peeling.

* iClear (light treatment)
This method is effective for inflammatory acne. Applying blue lights, we disinfect the acne bacteria.
It also applies near infrared rays, which improves the redness of acne scars. Furthermore, by applying a substance called morion, a photosensitizer, the effects of the blue light is enhanced, which ultimately yields better results.

Fractional therapy by laser
This treatment is effective for acne and acne scars. Using extremely thin lasers, we intentionally create tiny scars on the face of your skin. Utilizing the healing power of your skin, we promote skin revitalization.
We offer treatments using affirm laser and CO2 fractional laser.

RF treatments such as plasma or Endy Med Pro are also effective. At our clinic, we carefully analyze the skin condition of our patients and suggest the most effective solution/treatment.
As seen here, there are many types and treatments of acne. If you apply the incorrect treatment, it may make your acne worse, so it's important that you apply the appropriate treatment. At our clinic, our skin care specialist doctor will make a careful analysis and suggest the best treatment for you. If you are suffering from acne, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also offer advice on daily skin care.