Amongst all the forms of cosmetic surgery, cosmetic eye surgery is one area in which there is very high demand.

The eye plays a vital role in determining the appearance of one's face. Please have discussed in counsel and decided upon the result you wish to achieve by the time we consent to surgery. At Akai Clinic, we select the most suitable method of treatment on a case-by-case basis.

Formation of the double eyelid

The influence of current models and entertainers has created a powerful trend out of the desire for the double eyelid. There are a number of types of double eyelid construction, including the tapered style, which gives the most natural look, and the parallel style, which allows for a more glamorous, wide-eyed appearance. As the type of treatment conducted can vary depending on the desired result, please let us know of your exact requirements once you have discussed all options in counseling.

Making the eye look bigger

When a patient's desired pupil size can not be achieved by double eyelid surgery alone, an additional procedure is available. The size of the eye can be adjusted by making incisions in the outer and inner corners. Treatments to correct blepharoptosis, a condition that has a symptom of the eyelid being difficult to open, can also be conducted. As the treatment that involves creating an incision in the inner canthus of the eye is closely related to the surgery conducted to form the double eyelid, both operations can be carried out at the same time.

Anti-aging surgery

As we age, the skin of our eyelids gradually loses its tension and sagging and wrinkles begin to appear. Recently, as it has been further clarified how the shape of the eye changes as a result of the aging process, it has become possible to acquire natural, youthful-looking eyes by matching suitable treatment to varying conditions. As the appearance of the skin around the eyes can drastically alter how old or young we appear, please do pay us a visit to discuss the procedure.