Fat stem cells injection

Rethink conventional fat injections. This is a safer new fat injection method that gives better results. If you are considering having procedures such as wrinkle and sag elimination or localized volume increase please consult us.
Duration of Surgery1-4 hours
Varies according to injections and injected areas
Symptoms following surgerySwelling on injected areas and bleeding under the skin can occur
Recovery period3 days - 2 weeks
Varies according to injected areas
Hospital visits following surgeryRe-examinations 1 week, 1 month and 3 months after surgery
※May vary depending on injections

Fat Stem Cell Injection - Treatment Details

The individual's own fat cells are extracted from the stomach or buttocks, and adipose tissue containing pure fat cells and fat stem cells is created. This adipose tissue is then injected.
Conventional fat cell injection methods consisted of either injecting the extracted cells as is or simply washing the cells in a saline solution before injection, but this resulted in problems such as necrosis, hardening of the tissue, and stiffness at the infusion point. This was caused through damage done to the fat cells at the time of extraction.
With fat stem cell infusion, stem fat cells with differentiated characteristics are extracted from a variety of cells and put together. Damage to the fat cells is compensated for through this process. Also, the stem cells contribute to the vascularisation necessary for the tissue to attach and aid in this process.

During the creation of the adipose tissue, our clinic is careful of the following:
- When extracting fat cells we use a low pressure system so as not to damage the cells.
- We put the extracted tissue into a special kit and then use a centrifuge, which creates pure tissue containing a large amount of both fat cells and fat stem cells.
- The above processes are done in a sterile environment
- During the infusion process we do not just infuse one area with a large amount of tissue. Small quantities are injected into various areas, to make sure the injected fat cells are surrounded by a normal amount of tissue.