These are treatments for various parts of the face including smaller parts like ears and mouth, moles and protruding navels removal, nails and osmidrosis.
We also provide treatments for genitals and other delicate parts.

Osmidrosis (body odor)

These procedures are commonly used for osmidrosis or body odor. The cause of body odor is the perspiration secreted from the apocrine (sweat) glands in areas such as the underarms and genitals. By removing the apocrine glands through various methods, we eliminate the problem of body odor.

Mole treatment

Many people have moles, but some are concerned about having too many, or about moles that are too large. We use laser surgery to remove moles. Since moles may sometimes be malignant tumors, feel free to discuss your concerns with us.

Protruding navel (umbilical hernia)

There are two kinds of protruding navel–the typical "outie" and the umbilical hernia. The umbilical hernia requires urgent treatment.


These procedures correct the shape of the ear as well as damage to the earlobe. Being located on both sides of the face, the ears affect the balance of facial appearance. Also, since they are more noticeable with short hair or an updo, some people may develop a complex about their ears. If you have any concerns about your ears, feel free to discuss them with us.


We offer procedures to correct cleft lips as well as other treatments to shape the lips or adjust their thickness. Your mouth is in the center of your face. Displaying and expressing your feelings, it is an important part of the impression you make on other people. By modifying your lips, we produce a more attractive expression.


These procedures are used for problems such as curled toenails and ingrown toenails. Our treatments include surgery that gives immediate results, as well as corrective treatment using wires.


There are both men and women who are concerned about their genitals. Many are deeply distressed, but have no one to talk to about this extremely delicate topic. Our specialist can suggest the most suitable treatment for your condition, so please contact us.