We offer surgery to augment the bridge of the nose by inserting a silicon prosthesis. This is the most popular kind of rhinoplasty, since it is a relatively simple modification allowing a great deal of leeway in reshaping the nose. Implants in a variety of shapes and sizes can be inserted, so we are able to select the one that best matches your ideal nose. At your consultation session, please take your time and make sure you are satisfied with your choice.
Duration of Surgery20-30 minutes
Period of swelling following surgery~1 week
Recovery period1-2 weeks
Hospital visits following surgeryRe-examination 1-2 weeks after surgery
Cartilage transplant is an additional ¥210,000

Implants - Surgery details

1: Incisions are made in the rims of the nostrils.
2: The top of the cartilage is detached from the nasal bones and a subperiosteal pocket is created in the bone.
3-A: Sculpting the implant (when using an implant alone)
From among 30 kinds of implants, we select and sculpt the one that best matches your desired shape.
3-B: Sculpting the implant (when used in combination with a cartilage transplant)
Cartilage is harvested from the nasal septum and overlaid on top of the implant to achieve your desired shape.
4: The sculpted implant is inserted.

Implants - Case Photos


Cartilage Transplant

In this procedure, your own cells and cartilage are harvested and transplanted, mainly from the ear, and used augment the nose. Because your own tissue is used, it bonds with the original nasal cartilage. There is little discomfort and the result is a natural look. It may be suitable for those whose bodies reject the implantation of foreign matter. A disadvantage of this method is that an incision must also be made in an area other than the nose in order to harvest the cartilage.
Duration of Surgery1-2 hours
Period of swelling following surgery1 week
Recovery period1-2 weeks
Hospital visits following surgeryRe-examination 1 week, 1 month and 3 months after surgery

Cartilage transplant - Surgery details

1: An incision is made in the septum at the base of the nose, and the skin is peeled back.
2: The septal cartilages are exposed and transplanted cartilage is inserted.