Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a form of medical treatment that can erase the mental burden of complexes about your external appearance and enables you to live a richer, fuller life. At our clinic, we listen to all your expectations regarding the procedure, choose the optimum treatment, and offer responsible support for its duration.



From a natural double eyelid to a wide, brilliant double eyelid...your ideal eyes can become a reality.



Malformations of the nose such as aquiline and misaligned noses can be adjusted to form beautiful, well-shaped noses.



Lifts the skin of the face to create tighter, youthful skin.



Adjusts the contours of your chin, jaw, and cheekbones to form a clean, delicate face.



Adjusts size and shape to form your perfect bust.


for Flab

Safely collects excess fat to create beautiful body lines.



Resolves worries about moles, ears, nails, and other small spots.


Medical Cosmetic Dermatology

As your skin ages, it loses its vitality, leading to wrinkles, sagging, and discoloration. Through medical cosmetic dermatology, we offer science-based skin care that can keep your skin beautiful forever.


Skin Care

We keep your skin youthful and beautiful through the latest treatment methods such as laser therapy.



Clears away acne and acne scars to make your skin smooth again.


Hair Removal

Highly-effective hair removal using failsafe techniques and equipment available only at a medical facility.


Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine reconstructs lost tissues and organs with the power of medical science. At our clinic, we take advantage of the power of regenerative science and apply it the field of cosmetology to offer all our clients safer and more pleasant treatment.


PRFM Injection

Strengthens the skin's regenerative power and produces rejuvenated skin using your own cells.


Fat Stem Cells Transplant

Strengthens the skin's regenerative power and produces rejuvenated skin using your own cells.


Regenerative Bone

Technique that uses your own cells to manufacture new bones; used in contour-reconstruction procedures.


Hair Regenerative Medicine

Regenerates hair that has lost its growth factor. Also effective for thinning female hair.