Mole treatment

This treatment is for removing large moles or moles in undesirable locations. At Akai Clinic we do both surgical removal and laser treatment of moles. Smaller moles are generally treated with lasers while large moles or malignant moles will be treated surgically. We will choose the most appropriate treatment after a physical examination of the mole. Both treatments are brief in duration and involve minimal pain, so we recommend anyone interested to schedule a counseling session.
Duration of Surgery- Laser treatment: ~5 hours
Surgery: ~15 minutes
Swelling after surgeryAlmost none
Recovery period4-5 days *Redness lasts for 2-3 months
Hospital visits following surgeryRe-examinations 1 week and 1 month after surgery
Cost- Surgery: ~¥15,750
- Laser:
Less than 2mm diameter: ~¥5,250
2-4mm diameter: ¥21,000
More than 4mm diameter: ¥31,500

Mole types

Pigmented nevi.jpg Pigmented nevi
Seborrheic keratosis.jpg Seborrheic keratosis
Skin cancer.jpg Skin cancer

Mole treatment - Case photos

Exemple 1

hokuro_before2.jpg  Before treatment
hokuro_jafter2.jpg  Right after treatment
hokuro_after2.jpg  10 days after treatment
hokuro_after2m.jpg  2 months after treatment

Exemple 2

hokuro_before1.jpg  Before treatment
hokuro_justafter1.jpg  Right after treatment
hokuro_after1.jpg  8 weeks after treatment
A slight dent in the skin or redness will appear to the treated area immediately after treatment. Please refrain from applying makeup to the treated area for one to two days after treatment. After that, the traces of treatment can be concealed with foundation.