Hair removal

Effective anywhere. Even downy hair can be removed in a short time.
At this clinic we use the Comet hair removal system, which combines a diode laser with radio frequency (RF) waves. The Comet is effective at removing any kind of hair, whether thick or thin, from any color of skin.
(Electrolysis and laser hair removal are also available upon request.)
Duration of Surgery10 for both underarms, 20 minutes for the whole face and 30 minutes for both lower legs
Period of swelling following surgerySlight redness may be experienced after treatment
Recovery periodNo difficulty in returning to normal activities
Hospital visits following surgerySome hair will be in the resting (telogen) phase, so 3–5 treatments will be required

Hair Removal Surgery Details

Laser hair removal treatment works by taking advantage of the reaction between the laser and the pigment in the hair. Its weak point is its inability to remove downy hair and light-colored hair, or hair in skin with dark pigmentation. The Comet adds radio frequency waves to this treatment, fired simultaneously with the laser. By reaching the depths of the hair follicle without damaging the epidermis, the RF waves can also effectively remove downy hair and light-colored hair, regardless of the amount of melanin in the skin, unlike regular laser treatments. Whatever the skin color, treatment is possible, and there is no post-treatment pain, swelling, etc.
※We also offer conventional laser hair removal and electrolysis. If you wish to use one of these treatment methods, please inquire at your consultation session.