This procedure adjusts the length of the chin bone in cases where the chin protrudes too much when viewed from the side or is too long when viewed from the front.
The degree of protrusion is established by looking at the E-line which connects the tip of the nose with the tip of the chin. After gaining an understanding of the balance of the whole face, we consider the perfect line for the chin.
Duration of Surgery1-2 hours
Period of swelling following surgery2-3 weeks
Recovery period2-3 weeks
Hospital visits following surgeryRe-examination is necessary 1 week, 1 month and 3 months after surgery

Osteotomy (chin contouring) - Surgery details

1: First we design the area that will be resectioned. Resectioning of the underside of the chin will begin at 5-6mm below the neuropore of the mentum.
2: Following the designed area, we cut horizontally on the top section and then cut diagonally to connect the bottom with the top. If the patient wishes to make the chin as small as possible, we can cut horizontally on both top and bottom.
3: Next we secure the bone fragment on the end of the chin. If the patient wishes to extend the chin the bone fragment will be secured so it protrudes a little more.
4. Finally, in order to create a natural line, we shave down the surrounding bone and refine the shape to finish.


This procedure involves fitting a prosthesis to provide more length to a weak chin line. If the chin is too recessed the lips appear to stick out making a person look childish. Additionally, it also has a large impact on the attractiveness of one's profile. Increasing the length by the right amount creates a slim and intelligent looking facial structure.
Duration of Surgery~1 hour
Period of swelling following surgery~1 week
Recovery period~1 week
Hospital visits following surgeryRe-examination is necessary 1 week, 1 month and 3 months after surgery

Prosthesis implant - Surgery details

Regarding issues with the chin, the cause can either be a problem with the skeletal structure of the chin or with the dental bite. If the dental bite is bad or the chin is pushed backward then orthodontic treatment is required.

Prosthesis implant surgery involves inserting a prosthesis to make a recessive chin protrude more. First, we design an implant based on the line of the patient's actual chin. The shape of the chin will be determined once the implant design is complete, so please be sure to be clear about your preferences during your counseling session.
The implant is inserted through an incision from inside the oral cavity. Using a special tool we create an opening for the implant by making upside down T shaped incision through the tissue. Then we insert the implant and complete the surgery by firmly attaching it. The scar will be inside the mouth and therefore will not be visible.
顎の形成2.jpg Prosthesis Implant
The red area below the mouth marks the location of the incision.