Concerns about breast size and shape are delicate issues for women.
Besides breast augmentation, reduction and concerns about nipples, our treatments also take into consideration the discomfort of the shape and firmness, and of course, the anxiety of future nursing.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is our most frequently-requested bust procedure. At our clinic. we offer two treatment methods: a procedure where a prosthesis is inserted, and a fat-injection procedure that uses your own adipocyte. We take into account your current and desired figure to choose the optimum way to sculpt your ideal bust.

Bust Sculpting

This treatment eliminates concerns not only about your breast size but also about your breast shape and nipples. Addresses many concerns such as lifting breasts that have sagged with age and reducing the size of nipples and areolae. Does not damage the lactiferous ducts or any other organs necessary for breastfeeding.