As part of the ever evolving field of cosmetic surgery, our clinic always strives to be aware of the newest information and apply it to our methods. On this page our clinic introduces some of the new medical procedures that have been adopted and have been deemed highly effective based on scientific reason.
  • PRFM Injection: Treatment of Wrinkles and Sagging Utilizing Growth Factors
    This new treatment for wrinkles and sagging skin applies reconstructive medical technology. We create PRFM (a fibrin matrix containing growth factors) from your own blood and inject it to reinvigorate the skin. You can expect a more natural result than found with other filler injection treatments.
  • Rhinolight: New Light Treatment for Hay Fever
    There are still only a few of these allergy light treatment machines in Japan. This is a simple treatment where the mucus membranes of the nose are bombarded with special light frequencies. This painless procedure requires short treatment sessions of only a few minutes each and can be commenced without difficulty. Pregnant women and children can also safely undergo the treatment.
  • Hair Regrowth Treatment with HSC
    Hair has a huge impact on ones image. Thinning hair and hair loss are usually thought of as worries concerning mostly men, but many women also share the same fears. The HSC (Hair Stimulating Complex) procedure used by our clinic works not only for men, but also is the first procedure to provide successful results for women.
  • A Breakthrough in Acne Treatment! Acne and Acne Scar Treatment with Plasma
    This plasma therapy program has gained popularity as a skin rejuvenation treatment. We gradually came to realize that skin rejuvenation power of plasma is incredibly successful at treating stubborn acne and acne scarring. It is a must try for anyone who has seen unsuccessful results from other treatments.
  • Newest Acne Treatment Designed to Treat the Symptoms
    The word acne represents various different types of pimples with different symptoms. The type of treatment varies depending on the symptoms. We'll introduce the newest acne treatments designed around the symptoms.