PRFM Injection: Treatment of Wrinkles and Sagging Utilizing Growth Factors

Many of us notice an increase in wrinkles and sagging all around our body as we get older. This is also a popular genre in the cosmetic treatment industry, with various methods available. Generally, there is the filler injection treatment in which you inject hyaluronan or collagen. At our clinic, we have begun offering an alternative method called PRFM injection.

This treatment utilizes growth factors found in your own blood and stimulates your skin from within. Since we use substance extracted from your own blood, you do not need to worry about allergic reactions.

PRFM Injection's Merits

Activate your skin from within!
In this treatment, we take blood from our patient, and then extract PRP (platelet-rich plasma) that contains a lot of platelet. When this is injected, the growth factor found in platelet stimulates the skin cells, which lead to an increase in collagen, and young cells, an essential factor for firm and elastic skin. Since this method uses regenerative power of your own skin to remove wrinkles, you will experience a more natural and beautiful skin when compared to results from the conventional filler injection method.

The effects last longer!
Filler injection methods, such as hualurornan or collagen, inject its substance right beneath the wrinkle and push the skin up, which ultimately makes the wrinkle disappear. Consequently, when the hualurornan or collagen is absorbed into the body, the wrinkle returns.
PRFM, as mentioned above, revitalizes the skin itself, so you will benefit from its effects much longer. Furthermore, at our clinic, we add a substance called fibrin to the PRP, which is rich in protein, and make it into a gel. This helps the effective substance stay longer when compared to normal PRP injections.
Before injection topics_PRFM1.jpg
Immediately following injection (1cc PRFM has been injected from under the eyelid to the cheek on one side) topics_PRFM2.jpg
3 months after injection (the areas from the eyes to the cheeks have been revitalized) topics_PRFM3.jpg
PRFM is the newest anti-aging treatment that utilizes revitalization medical technology. Since it uses revitalizing power of your own skin, you can expect a safe and natural result. Furthermore, since its effect lasts longer, it is economical as well. If you are currently on hualurornan/collagen treatment, or thinking about starting wrinkle treatments, please do not hesitate to contact us. See below for further details.