We provide a comfortable space which considers the position of the patient
At our clinic, we take care to create a space that ensures that the patients who visit us are able to relax and rejuvenate. We want you to be able to devote yourself to your treatment, in a peaceful, calming and warm environment, which uses an abundance of natural materials, and wipes away the usual image of what a clinic is like.
Entrance Examining room
Treatment room
We use only wood for the interior building materials of the clinic, and we also use an abundance of natural materials such as washi (Japanese traditional paper) and paulownia, so the interior design has a feeling of warmth. Also, in the treatment room - a location which one would usually associate with being inorganic - we have taken care to create an environment that calms our patients' stresses, with an open atmosphere with sunlight shining down from the skylights, as well as a high ceiling.