Breast Augmentation

This procedure increases your bust size through insertion of an implant. Capable of increasing bust size for those who want results that are more certain than those of fat injection and fat cell transplantation. Prosthetics are available in several shapes and degrees of firmness, which you can actually feel in counseling sessions; you can then choose the implant most appropriate for you.
Duration of Surgery~1 hour
Period of swelling following surgery~1 week
Recovery period~1 week
Hospital visits following surgeryRemoval of sutures 1 week after surgery
※Hospital visit once within 1-2 weeks if a postoperative massage is necessary

Breast augmentation - Surgery details

An incision is made to insert the implant. Three approaches are considered: from beneath the underarm, around the areola, and in the inframammary area. The areola and inframammary areas are close to the treatment area, and it is relatively easy to conduct the treatment, but a scar more or less remains on the breast.
Conversely, a procedure from beneath the armpit leaves no scarring on the breast itself; the scarring is instead hidden in the folds of the underarm and is hardly noticeable. However, the treatment area is far from the incision, and an advanced defoliation technique is necessary.
1: Incision beneath the underarm
2: Incision in the inframmamary area
3: Incision around the areola

Breast augmentation - Case photos