Acne treatment

Comedones Aspiration Therapy

A comedo is the early stage of a pimple. Generally called blackheads or whiteheads, comedones occur when excess keratin builds up in the hair follicle, and the sebum or natural oil of the skin cannot get to the surface. Aspiration therapy works directly on the comedones to remove them in an immediately effective manner.
Duration of Surgery ~10 minutes *Varries according to the number of comedones
Symptoms after treatmentSlight redness
Recovery periodNo hindrance to daily life
Hospital visits following surgeryNo visits necessary
Cost1 time: ¥3,150


iClear is a phototherapy for treating acne pimples and is effective on both inflamed pimples that appear red and cystic acne pus-filled pimples. Blue light is directed to the dermal layer, where it works on the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria that multiplies deep in the hair follicle. May be used in conjunction with Morion, a light sensitivity substance, to increase effectiveness in some cases.
Duration of Surgery 20-30 minutes
Symptoms after treatmentSlight redness
Recovery periodNo hindrance to daily life
Hospital visits following surgeryBasically 2 times a week, 8 times in total
Cost1 time: ¥7,350
*Morion used in conjunction
1 time: ¥8,400
8 times course: ¥52,500

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels use glycolic acid or salicylic acid applied to the skin to remove dead skin cells from the surface, rejuvenating the skin and helping it function in a healthier manner. Peels remove keratin that has been thickened by acne, and are also thought to make it more difficult for keratin to build up and to accelerate the turnover of skin cells.
Duration of Surgery 15-30 minutes
Recovery periodAlmost instant
Hospital visits following surgeryTreatment is needed several times during 2-3 weeks
CostGlycolic acid + iontophoresis: ¥21,000
Salicylic acid + iontophoresis: ¥21,000
Salt peels + iontophoresis: ¥21,000
Vitamin alginate pack: ¥4,200
Alginate sedative pack: ¥6,300
Ultrasonic waves whitening pack: ¥84,000

Microdermabrasion (Salt Peel)

A peel performed with micronized salt. Since harsh chemicals are not used, the treatment is hypoallergenic, and since treatments are short in duration as well, microdermabrasion s the most easily accessible therapy for improving skin quality.

Duration of treatment30 minutes
Symptoms after treatmentMakeup possible right after treatment
Recovery periodNo downtime
Hospital visits following treatment1 time in 3-4 weeks, 1 cool 5 times


Vitamin therapy with vitamins A and C and others are essential to the treatment of acne-damaged skin. Ionization increases the penetration of the product utilizing electric current and ultrasound. Penetration of the therapeutic product is deeper compared to surface application, and there is greater improvement to the skin.

Duration of treatment15-20 minutes
Symptoms after treatmentMakeup possible right after treatment
Recovery periodNo downtime
Hospital visits following treatment1 time in 1-4 weeks, 1 cool 5 times

Plasma (Acne Therapy)

Akai Clinic is the first in Japan to offer plasma acne therapy. Nitrogen plasma is directed to the skin to remove acne damage and also activate the deeper dermal layer to regenerate fresh healthy-looking skin. Plasma therapy is effective on intractable acne and acne scarring that have been unsuccessfully treated with other methods.

Duration of treatment1 hour from the anesthesia cream to the end of the pack treatment
Symptoms after treatmentRedness occurs for a moment after treatment
Varies according to output power
Recovery period0-10 days
Varies according to output power
Hospital visits following treatmentNecessary *Varies according to number of times and frequency of output power
Please refer to the price chart for further details.

Changes of the skin after plasma treatment

Immediately after plasma exposure
Vacuolar degeneration occurs at the deepest layer where the plasma penetrated. The epidermis and keratinous layers of the skin's surface do not slough off and instead serve as a protective barrier. The growth factor and other wound healing substances that are necessary for skin rejuvenation are never externally exposed. There is no penetration by bacteria or fluids.
4 days after plasma exposure
New epidermis and keratinous layers are being made within the skin. The old surface layers are not sloughing off but functioning as a barrier. Regeneration of new skin can continue in the deeper layers without chance of external infection or irritation.
5-9 days after plasma exposure
New skin has been regenerated, the old epidermis and keratinous layers that protected the skin's surface have sloughed away, and increased fibroblast and collagen production is evident.

Cases at our clinic

Before treatment
3 months after (plasma treatment, 4 times)
Treatment progress

Right after treatment

3 days after treatment

9 days after treatment
Before treatment
2 months after (plasma treatment, 2 times)