Cleft Lip Correction

Cleft lip is a congenital defect in which a gap forms on the lip. It can range from slight cases effecting just the lips to severe cases in which the gap can go all the way to the nose. It can be corrected through sutures to the skin or adjustments to the bone. The director of our clinic is a graduate of a school offering high end plastic surgery techniques, so you can rest assured when consulting with us. We also offer consultation to those currently being treated at other institutions.
Duration of Surgery1-2 hours
Swelling after surgery~1 hour
Recovery period~1 hour
Hospital visits following surgeryRe-examinations 1 week and 1 month after surgery

Lips Thickness Modification

We offer operations and hyaluronic acid injections to modify lips that are too thick or too thin. Hyaluronic acid injections are appropriate when greater thickness is desired, but the duration of the effect is limited. In the case of surgery, either thickening or thinning is possible. There are also patients who choose to try hyaluronic acid injections first to get a feel for the look they are going for and then get surgery later. First of all, please schedule a consultation.
Duration of SurgeryInjection: ~15 minutes
Surgery: ~30 minutes
Swelling after surgeryInjection: 1-2 days
Surgery: ~1 hour
Recovery periodInjection: 1-2 days
Surgery: ~1 hour
Hospital visits following surgeryInjection: May be necessary according to medical examination
Surgery: Re-examinations 1 week, 1 month and 3 months after surgery
CostSurgery: ¥210,000
Hyaluronic acid (0.1cc): ¥10,500
Human collagen (0.1cc): ¥12,600

Lips thickness modification - Surgery details

【Lip expansion techniques】
1: 3 V-shaped incision lines are made on the reverse side of the lip
2: Incision is made in accordance with the incision lines
3: A gap can been made after the incision has been performed
4: The Y-shaped gap that was made on image 3 is sutured
5: The lip becomes thicker as the incision has been performed on the V shape and sutures have been conducted on the Y shape

Gummy Smile

Gummy smile is the condition in which too much of the gums are exposed when you smile or talk. The cause of similar symptoms can be from various origins such as the muscles or skeleton responsible for the movement of the jaw. At our clinic, we provide treatment by Botox injection. Please consult with us in order to choose the best treatment for your condition.
Duration of SurgeryBotox: 1-2 minutes
Surgery: ~1 hour
Swelling after surgeryBotox: None
Surgery: ~1 hour
Recovery periodBotox: Instant
Surgery: ~1 hour
Hospital visits following surgeryBotox: May be necessary according to medical examination
Surgery: Re-examinations 1 week and 1 month after surgery
CostSurgery: ¥~262,500
Botox: ¥52,500

Gummy smile - Case photos