In general this procedure shaves down protruding bone of the lower jaw. If the lower jaw sticks out, the outline of the face becomes square making it appear large. Directly shaving down the protruding bone will create a semi-permanent beautiful jawline and make the face smaller.
Duration of Surgery2-3 hours
Period of swelling following surgery1-2 weeks
Recovery period1-2 weeks
Hospital visits following surgeryRe-examination is necessary 1 week, 1 month and 3 months after surgery

Osteotomy (lower jaw) - Surgery details

【Madibular Angle Reduction】
This surgery is designed to improve the jawline in profile by adjusting the lower jaw bone. Beginning at the corner and following the lower border of the mandible, the surgery consists of shaving down the bone over a broad area.
The surgery begins with the creation of a small opening along the marking line drawn on pre-surgery. Then the bone is shaved down using a chisel-like tool called an osteotome. The original incision acts as a cut off point so we can create a beautiful curved line.

1: At the pre-surgery counseling session we will determine the perfect jawline and use it to mark the surgery line.
2: Then, using a drill, we open a hole in the lower jaw along that line.
3: Using an osteotome we shave down the protruding jaw bone.
4: We remove the pieces of bone and smooth the surface to complete the surgery.
【Resection of the Prominent Mandible】
This surgery aims to improve the facial outline when viewed from the front. It shaves down the jawbone if it protrudes too much when looking at the face from the front. The surgery is conducted through the mouth and involves shaving down the protruding outer part of the mandible. Finally the shaved down section is refined to blend with the surrounding area.

1: We will determine and mark the resectioning line through pre-surgery counseling.
2: Then, using a surgical saw, we resect the outer part of the mandible along the marked line.
3: Then we level out the area using a medical saw known as a round bar.


Aside from bone structure, the development of the masseter muscles used for chewing can also cause a protruding jaw. By using Botox to relax the jaw muscles we can make the face smaller without conducting surgery. However, sometimes this procedure is conducted in tandem with surgery.
Duration of Surgery5-10 minutes ※Depends on the injection
Period of swelling following surgeryNone
Recovery periodNone
Hospital visits following surgeryRe-examination is necessary 1 month after surgery

Botox surgery - Case photos