Alar Reduction Techniques

This procedure is used to adjust the size of the ala, or wings of the nose. It resolves concerns about alae or nostrils that are too big. There are two methods: by making an incision on the inside of the nostrils and excising some internal skin; and by making an incision on the alar border and excising some external skin. With the internal excision method, scars are not noticeable. However, when selecting the surgical method it is important to keep the original shape of the nostrils in mind. Please tell us what you would like at the preoperative consultation session.
Duration of Surgery~1 hour
Period of swelling following surgeryAlmost no swelling
Recovery period2-3 days
Hospital visits following surgeryRe-examination 1 week, 1 month and 3 months after surgery

Alar reduction techniques - Surgical procedures

【Internal incision】
In this procedure, the excision extends from the nasal base to the inside of the nasal cavity. Scars are not noticeable with this method, and relapses are rare. However, the effect of the reduction is quite dramatic, so if the nose is only slightly wider than normal this procedure may make it unnaturally small. Based on the conditions, the surgical method will be determined at your preoperative consultation session.
1: Noses with a large alar overhang; wide noses.
2: From the nasal base to the inside of the nasal cavity, a crescent-shaped incision is made in the skin.
3: The crescent-shaped skin flap formed by the incision is lifted.
4: Thread is passed through the tip of the flap.
5: The thread is passed through the tunnel created by crescent-shaped skin flap and the septum and sutured on the reverse. The same procedure is performed on the opposite side.
6: The alar overhang and the width are both reduced, creating a well-shaped nose.
【External incision】
This procedure is mainly performed on wide, flat noses with a large alar overhang. Firstly, the width of the excision is decided during consultation. Next, the location of the incision is planned based on that decision. In this surgery, crescent-shaped incisions are made in the external base of the alae, and they are cinched closer together by suturing. If this surgery is performed when the alar overhang is small, the nostrils will be reduced more than necessary which may lead to an unnatural appearance. Treatment will be performed only after assessing adjustments in the preoperative consultation.
Range of external incision and actual surgery
Surgery is performed after careful examination so that both alae will be the same size.

Alar reduction surgery - Case photos


Nasal Tip Contouring

Many Japanese have a bulbous nose, that is, a short nose with a rounded tip. This is related to the shape of the adipose tissue at the tip as well as that of the alar cartilage. In this procedure, adipose tissue is removed from the tip and the alar cartilage is adjusted, creating a well-shaped tip.
Duration of Surgery1-2 hours
Period of swelling following surgery~1 week
Recovery period~1 week
Hospital visits following surgeryRe-examination 1 week, 1 month and 3 months after surgery

Nasal tip contouring - Surgical procedures

1: An incision is made in the septum at the base of the nose, and the skin is peeled back.