Genital surgery

Many are often shy about problems with the genitals and think they can't talk to anyone. But this in itself is a very serious problem. This clinic deals carefully with both men's and women's sexual health problems. We also take problems related to transgender individuals seriously, and it is also possible for us to offer sexual reassignment surgery. Don't worry alone. Please contact our clinic for a consultation.
Duration of Surgery1-2 hours
Swelling after surgery1-2 weeks
Recovery period1-2 weeks
Hospital visits following surgeryRe-examinations 1 week, 1 month and 3 months after surgery
CostPhimosis: ¥210,000~315,000
Formation of the labia minora: ¥262,500
Formation of the vagina: ¥4240,000
G-shot: ¥157,5000